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A New Generation Line Of Natural Hair Care Products


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Are you still using old outdated hair care products that don’t work? 

Try using a new generation hair care products proven effective with gorgeous results.


Lias Hair Nutrition

Finally a website dedicated to educate and inform women from all walks of life, on the importance's of safe quality hair Care products. 

Because beautiful  hair is healthy hair.

So why not make it a life style !

Smoothing Hair Cream

🌱 A safe alternative from outdated relaxers, keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts.

Lias Hair Nutrition Smoothing cream is formulated to gradually smooth and soften frizzy, coarse, or  overly tight curly hair. A revolutionary cream that is as simple as applying  to your scalp and style as usual. Simple enough to apply at home. Oppose to the harsh expensive keratin treatments, which requires using extremely high heat, that produces a cancer causing toxic chemical fume formaldehyde.

Our smoothing cream is formulated with a blend of vitamins, lite hydrating oil's, and keratin derived from amino acids’ that our bodies produce naturally. Leaving your hair soft, silky, hydrated and more manageable not overly straight and weak which causes damage and breakage. Eliminating the need for a relaxer or excessive blow drying. Requiring only a small amount once a week on clean wet hair. Once you've reached your desired softness you no longer need to use the smoothing cream . Your hair will remain smooth for about three to four months before you would need to reapply. At this point you would only need to use the micro-nutrients vitamin cream for weekly maintenance to maintain your  healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. Achieving soft smoothness while coating the hair with a layer of protein to help protect  and  strengthen your hair.

Safe and gentle for adults and children 10 and older.

 For all hair types.  


Follicle Penetrating Hair Serum /Oil

🌾 A natural plant based hair oil/serum, fortified with organic garlic & plant extract, which has been known to help thicken and facilitates growth as it penetrates your follicles.

Revitalizing your hair from the inside out. Balancing your natural sebum preventing over or under production of sebum. Eliminating overly  dry / oily scalp. Noncomedogenic therefore  will not  cause acne or  clogged pores. 

Never  greasy  nor will it weigh you hair down.

Giving your scalp the perfect environment for healthy hair growth . Counteracting the effects that aging has on hair as it supports hair regrowth and regeneration as well as replenishes as it improves hair deep in the inner shaft. Leaving your hair soft, healthy & nourished.

Perfect for, dry  fragile  thin  hair , braids, flat twist, wigs, edges , natural  or curly hair.

To help  prevent dehydrated, damaged  brittle  hair.

For all hair types and children of all ages.


Follicle penetrating serum oil 🌿

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A unique follicle penetrating serum / oil 

for a limited time only . 

🌿 Vegan Herbal Shampoo

💧A systemize herbal hydrophilic shampoo made with organic Hemp leaf. Gently nourishing as it moisturizers with a deep down clean without stripping your hair or fading your color. Paraben and sulfate free, with a perfect pH balance and invigorating scent. Exfoliating dry scalp while removing excess oils’ unclogging your pores, removing toxins and dead skin. specifically formulated with a pH of 5.3 to decrease friction , breakage and reduce tangling. Allowing nourishment to fully penetrate and pamper your  hair. Leaving it healthy, shiny and fabulous.

This product is vegan.
For all hair types.


Micro-Nutrient Leave-in Hair Cream

 🍃 A leave in weekly maintenance vitamin rich cream. Formulated with micro-nutrients small enough to penetrate the hair shaft, improving circulation bring oxygen and nutrients to the roots. Vital for healthy hair growth.- revitalizing dull, damaged, lifeless hair  from the inside out. A unique blend of emollients to nourish and hydrate. Amino acids and proteins to help facilitate growth & stronger healthier looking hair. Leaving your hair with a brilliant shine  & luster. Bringing back that youthful appearance. You need a heathy scalp in order to have healthy hair growth. You'll notice a difference with just one use. 

The results are amazing!

For all hair types.


🌿 Herbal Plant Base Strengthening Hair Mask

 A herbal rich conditioner formulated with a special blend of softening, hydrating, & detangling properties. Fortified with vitamins and minerals for hair health.  Herbs that have been shown to help combat the male balding pattern - caused by the hormone DHT or tension alopecia. Leaving your hair looking  flawless. Feeling softer, stronger & simply beautiful. You'll notice a difference with just one use. The results are amazing!!  
For all hair types.



There's much to see and read here. So, take your time, look around, We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. To purchase any of our products go to shop now. You can also request a free sample of the smoothing cream.

Real Testimonial's

Real Testimonial's

Real Testimonial's

Gwen from Atlanta said  "This product has done wonder's for my hair!  It doesn’t itch anymore  and my scalp irritation is gone!  My daughter came  over to my house and used some of the micro-nutrient product and loved it!  I can really see the growth! Now I  have to buy more because my daughter is using it all up.  I don’t want to share, please don’t you take my miracle products away,  I believe in it and it’s working!"  

Real Testimonial's

Real Testimonial's

Eunice in Atlanta, "I can see a difference in my hair, it's overall healthier & longer.  I stopped using relaxers now  that  my hair is so much softer after using your products, thanks so much!"

Real Testimonial's

Sha from Austell Georgia said " The Micronutrients really grow out my edges! love this stuff .

I originally brought it for my daughter , but since she went off to college I decided to try it myself. " I love it "

Thank you !

Notice the difference !

Created with women in mind.




A New Generation line Of Hair Care Products With Proven  Results 

Why waste your time and money on low quality products consisting of mainly water & mineral oil with a low percentage of nutrients if any. You'll find yourself wasting your money and never getting  the results you want. Our products are made with high quality ingredients proven effective to help give you longer stronger healthier looking hair. You'll love the way your hair looks and feels. 

Once you try Lias Hair Nutrition, you’ll see a difference in your hair right away never needing any other product. Driven by natural beauty for all women; backed by science & results.

 Do you ever wonder why year after year your hair can't seem grow ? or maybe it grows a little and then it breaks off.  If its not your medication, stress or  hormones, then your're like millions of other women who's hair  is lacking nutrition. Lias Hair Nutrition was formulated by women with a background in nutrition & science. This product unlike other product has been shown to help give  your scalp the nutrition it lacks.
Healthy hair is beautiful hair. 




1. How long does it take to see a difference ?

You'll notice a difference after the first use. 

2. Does this hair product work with all hair types ?

Yes ! curly, natural, fine, coarse or frizzy.

3. Dose this hair product prevent hair loss?

First you would have to find out why you're losing your hair. It could be stress medication, hormones or genetic. Once You pinpointed the problem then you’ll know more or less how to proceed. This  product is not intended to treat prevent or cure any illness or disease.

4. How often do you need to use the product?

Apply on clean hair after every shampoo.

5. Are these product good for men? 

Yes, anyone who wants healthy hair.

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